Our goal with this workshop is to address these privacy design challenges in a way that bridges the divide between privacy discourse and practice. This workshop will capitalize on CHI’s diverse attendees to reorient and ignite the privacy by design agenda and formulate a set of workable strategies and methods for viable privacy design practices. CHI presents an excellent opportunity to capitalize on the wealth of attendee expertise to further this mission, through a conversation and collaboration between academics and practitioners around workable design solutions for protecting, fostering, or encouraging privacy as a human value within human-computer interaction design.

Previous workshops, paper sessions, and panels at CHI and CSCW have addressed a variety of debates in networked privacy scholarship (e.g., privacy workshops at CHI 2011, and at CSCW 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2015). This workshop foregrounds the challenges of advocating for PbD in commercial contexts, and brings together designers and technologists with PbD experts in academia to break down barriers to PbD’s widespread adoption by industry.

The workshop will facilitate collaborations that address the three major challenges noted above: translating privacy heuristically, designing modularity for user context, and designing for trust rigorously and honestly. Specifically, we aim to produce a white paper detailing recommendations stemming from the workshop, and explore the possibility of a special journal issue to elaborate on the workshop’s outcomes. In addition, we will work to initiate a joint effort to produce a collection of privacy heuristics and design principles, similar to the ongoing work of We will make resulting materials available through this website and at

Full workshop proposal with references will be made available soon.