Position Papers

Abokhodair, Norah (University of Washington) – Culturally Sensitive Design for Privacy: A case study of the Arabian Gulf

Bathina, Krishna C., Shakthidhar Gopavaram & L. Jean Camp (Indiana University) – Stopping the Big Bad Wolf: Measuring Online Risk Behavior

Fosh, Lesley, Sameer Patil (New York University), Ewa Luger & Michael Golembewski (Microsoft Research) – Dealing with Multiple Jurisdictions: Extending Privacy Ideation Cards from the EU to the US

Gibson, Douglas, Vincent Mancuso & Diane Staheli (MIT Lincoln Laboratory) – The Expanded Role of HCI Practitioners in Privacy by Design

Greenwood, Kristyn & Ryan Lacross (Symantec Corporation) – Privacy by Design: A proposal for updates to current design process to increase focus on privacy

Keng, Joseph Chan Joo, Lingxiao Jiang, Tan Kiat Wee & Rajesh Krishna Balan (Singapore Management University) – Leveraging Automated Privacy Checking For Design of Mobile Privacy Protection Mechanisms

Kapadia, Apu (Indiana University) & Adam J. Lee (University of Pittsburg) – Improving Privacy through Exposure Awareness and Reactive Mechanisms

Kumar, Priya (Ranking Digital Rights) – Ranking Digital Rights: Pushing ICT Companies to Respect Users’ Privacy

Patterson, Heather (Intel Labs), Alexandra Zafiroglu & Faith McCreary (Intel Corporation) – Facets: A Framework for Developing Privacy-Minded Usages

Rosson, Mary Beth & Jun Ge (Penn State) – To Disclose Or Not: Scenario-based Design of Privacy Heuristics

Rule, Clint – Coming to Terms: Interaction Principles for Negotiating Privacy in the Connected Workplace

Spalding, Kerry & Janice Y. Tsai (Microsoft Corporation) – Practical Strategies for Integrating Privacy by Design Throughout Product Development Process

Sundar, S. Shyam, Jinyoung Kim, Andrew Gambino & Mary Beth Rosson (Penn State) – Six Ways to enact Privacy by Design: Cognitive Heuristics that predict Users’ Online Information Disclosure  

Wong, Richmond & Deirdre Mulligan (UC Berkeley) – Using Concept Videos and Speculative Design with Privacy by Design