Much of the effort around translating privacy insights from academia into practical technical and design strategies has focused on the idea of “privacy by design” (PbD), a set of principles initially promoted by former Ontario (Canada) privacy commissioner Ann Cavoukian that seek to integrate the value of privacy into the technical design process from start to finish. Despite ongoing PbD work on data protection and engineering requirements, there has been little agreement as to how to translate these principles into a set of guidelines or practices relevant and useful to design practitioners. As such, the gap between the academic work on privacy and practitioner norms is wide, and there have been few attempts to translate these ideas in a systematic way.

This intensive one-day workshop at CHI ’16 seeks to reinvigorate conversations in the CHI community around privacy and design to refocus our attention on developing methods to systematically incorporate privacy into design processes. The workshop will bring together leading privacy researchers in academia and industry to unpack the barriers preventing PbD concepts from being implemented in design.

Outcomes of this workshop will include a) revising the existing PbD principles to better address the challenges that have prevented their adoption, b) moving beyond previous workshops at CHI and CSCW by focusing specifically on concrete strategies for bridging the divide between privacy research, design, and implementation, and c) strengthening academic-industry partnerships to enable new research opportunities that span fields.

We welcome participants from all disciplines of academia, from industry and from government who are interested in privacy by design – please join us!


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